35_Personality_II_6 - Personalitytheories Psychology2:

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Introduction to Psychology Day 35 topics Psychodynamic approach Humanistic approach Social Cognitive approach Self esteem Personality theories Psychodynamic approach Focus on dynamic unconscious Humanistic existential approach How humans make healthy choices Social Cognitive approach How people think about situations and respond to them Psychodynamic theory Structures of the mind The Id Pleasure principle The Ego Reality principle The Superego The “conscience” Interactions between these structures determine a person’s personality Defense mechanisms Repression Rationalization Reaction formation Projection Regression Displacement Identification Sublimation Psychological conflict Id vs. Superego Usually in opposition Dissonance Æ anxiety The Ego and defense mechanisms Goal is to reduce anxiety Equipped with coping mechanisms Psychosexual Stages of Development Distinct stages associated with sexual pleasure fixations Oral Stage (0 18 mos) Anal Stage (2
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35_Personality_II_6 - Personalitytheories Psychology2:

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