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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 37 topics Motives for social influence: Hedonic, approval, accuracy Social influence Motives of other individuals Understanding can be powerful… Hedonic motive Approval motive Accuracy motive Were the Germans people evil? Why would they commit such atrocities? How can we come to understand this? Hedonic Motive Pursue the good, avoid the bad Observational learning See how it works for others Examples… Approval Motive Desire to be liked, accepted, and approved of by others Normative influence Conformity Obedience Normative influence Norms Normative influence New situation/context Norm of reciprocity Examples? Door in the face technique Large request Æ smaller request Conformity Tendency to do what others do Elevator example Asch’s line study Videos (2)
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Obedience Doing what authorities tell us to do How far can this go? Milgram’s Obedience Study (1963) Prompted by atrocities of Nazi Germany The setup (naïve participant, confederate)
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37_Social_II_6 - Socialinfluence Psychology2:...

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