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Psychology 2 – Principles of Psychology Instructor: M. Souza Midterm 1 - Practice Questions 1. Which of the following did not contribute to the fall of behaviorism? a. Piaget and studying children’s errors d. Bartlett and false memories b. Lewin and subjective experience e. Chomsky and language production c. Skinner and conditioning 2. The flow of information in a neuron goes from: a. axon hillock b axon b dendrites b terminal buttons b. dendrites b axon b soma b terminal buttons c. soma b axon hillock b nucleus b axon d. terminal buttons b axon b axon hillock b soma e. none of the above are correct 3. With regards to electrical transmission and action potentials (APs): a. a neuron will fire an AP if threshold is met b. it begins at the terminal buttons of the neuron c. vesicles are activated at the nodes of Ranvier d. the AP will be at 80% height if the neuron is excited to 80% of the threshold potential e. More than one answer is correct 4. Which of the following is NOT true about reflexes? a.
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MT1_sample_questions - Psychology 2 Principles of...

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