30_PsychDisorders_I_6 - Psychologicaldisorders Psychology2:

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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 30 topics Psychological disorders DSM IV and diagnosis Anxiety disorders Psychological disorders Abnormalities of the mind But what’s abnormal ? John and the lottery Jenny and Finals week Hannah and mice Frank and being bummed out What triggers a disorder? Diathesis Stress Model Predisposition to some conditions Stress brings condition out Genetic basis for predispositions Susceptibility Individual variability May explain some disorders… Viewing these disorders Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV TR It’s definitely not perfect… Homosexuality until 1973 …but it is very useful Standard terminology, criteria Consistent diagnoses Defining abnormality Symptoms Behavior, thoughts and/or emotional disturbance Personal stress or impairment Caused by internal dysfunction Biological, psychological or both Condition severity Illness as a continuous variable Vary in degree/severity Global Assessment of Functioning Scale (GAF) 1 100 scale Functioning ability
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30_PsychDisorders_I_6 - Psychologicaldisorders Psychology2:

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