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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 34 topics Defining personality Measurements of personality The “Big Five” What is personality? Style of behaving, thinking and feeling What purposes may it serve? What may explain individual differences? Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) Extensive subjective survey 500 items! 10 main subscales Bodily symptoms Depression Hysteria Psychopathic deviation Masculinity/femininity Paranoia Psychasthenia Schizophrenia Hypomania Social introversion Projective methods Rorschach Inkblot Test What, where and why? Subjective interpretation… Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) What and why? Subjective interpretation… Identifying stable components of personality Trait vs. state Cattell (1950) 16 factor theory Eyesnck (1967) 3 factor theory “The Big Five” video The Big Five O penness to experience C onscientiousness E xtroversion A greeableness N euroticism
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O penness to Experience Appreciation for imagination, curiosity and variety of experiences Imaginative
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Unformatted text preview: Å Æ Down ‐ to ‐ earth Variety Å Æ Routine Independent Å Æ Conforming C onscientiousness Tendency for self ‐ discipline and aim for achievement Organized Å Æ Disorganized Careful Å Æ Careless Self ‐ disciplined Å Æ Weak ‐ willed E xtraversion Tendency to seek out stimulation, company of others Social Å Æ Retiring Fun ‐ loving Å Æ Sober Affectionate Å Æ Reserved A greeableness Tendency for compassion and cooperation, social harmony Softhearted Å Æ Ruthless Trusting Å Æ Suspicious Helpful Å Æ Uncooperative N euroticism Tendency for anger, anxiety, depression Worried Å Æ Calm Insecure Å Æ Secure Self ‐ pitying Å Æ Self ‐ satisfied Personality theories Psychodynamic approach Focus on dynamic unconscious Humanistic ‐ existential approach How humans make healthy choices Social ‐ Cognitive approach How people think about situations and respond to them video...
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34_Personality_I_6 - Å Æ Down ‐ to ‐ earth Variety Å...

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