38_Social_III_6 - interpersonal behavior Social behavior...

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Psychology 2: Introduction to Psychology Day 38 topics Consistency (Accuracy motive) Attributions Roles Course evaluations A few notes… Prisoner’s dilemma Best for individual to confess Best for group to stay silent Conformity and informational influence Both lead us to go along with group Slightly different (but related) motives Extra office hours today after class 4:15 5:15 PM, 132 Barker Hall Consistency Desire to behave with similar principles across situations Cognitive dissonance Why am I being inconsistent? How do I resolve this inconsistency? Foot in the door technique Small request Æ larger request Making sense of it all Hedonic Some rewarded for good behavior, severely punished for bad behavior Approval Conformity (with reservations) Obedience (responsibility…) Accuracy Heuristic persuasion Consistency and foot in the door Even good people can be capable of terrible things under the “right” circumstances… Social Psychology Causes and consequences of
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Unformatted text preview: interpersonal behavior Social behavior Social influence Social cognition Attributions Explanation behind one’s actions Dispositional aspects Situational aspects Fundamental attribution error Correspondence bias Actor ‐ observer effect Why might this error come about? Salience of the individual Lack of effortful adjustment Self ‐ protective Roles A set of norms associated with a position in the world Coming into a new role Period of adjustment, self ‐ conscious Adjustment is often quick… Authority Power over others Abusing power with negative stereotypes of a role Stanford Prison Study (1971) Stanford Psychology basement made into a prison for 2 ‐ week study College students assigned to a role Guard: weapons, enforce the rules Prisoner: humiliating outfits, locked up How would they come into their roles? Attributions of the guards Video...
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38_Social_III_6 - interpersonal behavior Social behavior...

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