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Asian American 20A Lecture October 31, 2008 1. The Consolidation of Communities - CA: prevented aliens from 12 occupations (attorneys, pharmacists, teachers, etc) 2. The Growth and Emergence of an American-born Generation - Opportunities and constraints: right to become American citizens, but still restrictions  in labor market - “second-generation dilemma’ - 1935 –Chinese Digest; Chinese Times - Chinese American Citizens Alliance (1915): publishes the Chinese Times - Vehicles being established: media - “structure of opportunity” 3. Patterns of Economic and social Discrimination - 4. Edward K. Strong and “Vocational Guidance” - Strong vocational interest blank test: what jobs you may be suited to do - There should be a relationship between the kinds of occupations the society needs  and the talent available to fulfill those demands
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Unformatted text preview: -A lot of people have aspirations, but might not be suited to it problem in society: mismatch-Efficient society: people cut out to do those jobs, employed in those jobs-“it is quite likely that some Japanese planning to enter these four professions really belong in farming…agriculture offers the greatest opportunity for employment, the establishment of homes, and the chance to prosper.” – The Second Generation Japanese Problem (1934)-“The mere fact of being Japanese is an asset in itself in certain situations, particularly if it is accompanied by a pleasing personality. Certain exclusive retail organizations employ Japanese to lend “atmosphere” to an establishment.”...
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