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lecture 11-03

lecture 11-03 - VI Political Responses of Chinese and...

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Asian American Studies 20A Lecture 11/03/08 The Great Depression and the Prelude to WWII - “Does my future lie in America or China?” I. The Great Depression - Lack of demand - Growing inequality - Lack of new investment opportunities - 1/3 decline of product II. Social and Labor Unrest III. Keynesian Economics and the New Deal - Using government money to create jobs (creating new projects that require labor) - Government needs to act as a “pump primer” - New Deal, National Industrial Recovery Act - Expansion of government IV. Asian American Communities During the Depression - Immigration virtually ceased - Chinese War Relief Associations V. Global Context; Japanese Aggression in Asia
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Unformatted text preview: VI. Political Responses of Chinese and Japanese in the U.S. The Internment Experience I. The Munson Report-Time magazine: Fed on tolerance, watered by complacency, the Jap fifth column had done its job fiendishly well and had not been stamped out. II. John TOlan, Infamy: Pearl Harbor and Its Aftermath (1982)-Government informed of Pearl Harbor 5 days before, but naval commanders were not informed III. Executive Order 9066-Japanese execution and removement-IV. War Relocation Authority (WRA), Challenge to Democracy Lectures—11/03, reading—week 11, no Prisoners...
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