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Jamie Julin - Jamie Julin: (21:43) ok robert, but since...

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Jamie Julin: (21:43) ok robert, but since that's what the question is about you should probably look in the textbook to see what the regression effect is Carmen: (21:43) i'm trying to do yours, too, thi Robert: (21:44) i dont really understand the text book definition Robert: (21:44) im looking at it right now Robert: (21:44) i know how to calculate the equation for the regression line Robert: (21:44) using the 5 values Joana: (21:45) thi and carmen, do you guys think you can do mines as well adn i will do you guys problem 9 too. its just i need to have at least 2 more correct to get the minimum require for credit :/ Jan: (21:45) quick question:Problem 1. If the correlation coefficient of two variables is less than zero, the slope of the regression line for the variables a.zero b. pos c. neg d. pos or neg, e. none of the above Jamie Julin: (21:45) ok, yeah but regression effect is very different Jan: (21:45) Is it none of the above? not sure since this is my last try Jan: (21:45) I know it's not c or d Jamie Julin: (21:45) as the book says, the regression effect is just that individuals with a given X value tend to have Y values that are closer to the mean Robert: (21:46) ok Jamie Julin: (21:46) ok, so lets talk about an example. say midterm scores and final exam scores are positively correlated Jamie Julin: (21:46) it makes sense that they would be, right? Robert: (21:46) yeah Jamie Julin: (21:47) okay so say you got the best score in the class on the midterm Jamie Julin: (21:47) the regression effect predicts that your final exam score will be a little closer to the mean so not the best score in the class but still above average Robert: (21:48) oh Jamie Julin: (21:48) or say you got the worst midterm score in the class, then the regression effect would predict your final exam will be a little closer to the mean, so not the worst score but still below average Robert: (21:48) so so Because of the regression effect, the corporation with the lowest earnings in the present quarter will tend to have (Q17) a)lower than average, b)nearly average, and C)higher than average earnings in the next quarter.
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Robert: (21:48) this would be lower than Jamie Julin: (21:48) yep Jamie Julin: (21:49) it would still be lower than average, but would be a little better than before
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Jamie Julin - Jamie Julin: (21:43) ok robert, but since...

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