55AC-Fall2007schedule - Linguistics 55AC Fall 2007 Schedule...

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Unformatted text preview: Linguistics 55AC Fall 2007 Schedule (subject to change) Wesley Y. Leonard, Instructor Wk. Dates Lecture topics (internal order may change) Section ( boldfaced items indicate something that will be turned in) Readings/Required Websites (the parts set off with white space each count as one reading for purposes of integrative responses) 1 Aug 27-31 Course Overview Basic principles of linguistics, the history and intent of the AC requirement, and instructors linguistic autobiography The US census and its language questions Language attrition vs. language change loss/attrition in immigrant languages within the home and the concept of three generation shift Languages and language categories in the U.S. overview, and the issue of essentialism Linguistics 101 Basic concepts in linguistics: No section meetings this week 2 Sept. 5, 7 (no class on Sept. 3) Bilingualism and Code-switching subtopic: bilingualism and IQ Phonetics, Phonology, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Language reconstruction and determining family relationships General language structure Discuss Linguistic Autobiography Assignment 3 Sept. 10-14 Linguistics 101 continued Linguistic Autobiography due Read the entire syllabus and check out the course website right away!...
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55AC-Fall2007schedule - Linguistics 55AC Fall 2007 Schedule...

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