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Linguistics 55AC Fall, 2007 LINGUISTIC AUTOBIOGRAPHY Due at the beginning of section in Week 3 – paper copy to section and electronic submission (Word file or pdf) via bspace Summary of Assignment : You are being asked to write your own autobiography from a language perspective – looking at issues of languages learned or used by you or your ancestors, your language (learning/use) goals, your current beliefs about issues of language policy (e.g., should English be the official language of the U.S.), etc. Given that this course emphasizes integration of readings, lecture material, and personal experience, you are specifically being asked to incorporate themes, facts, or perspectives from the first set of readings and relevant lecture concepts into your essay. Length Guidelines : 1200-2000 words 1 – please double space Structure : As this is your autobiography, the way you structure your essay is up to you. You may tell your story as a report or as a narrative; you could discuss language issues “chronologically” (languages acquired as children, learned in school, current and future language goals) or in some other order based on themes that you observe in your life. In general, however, it is recommended that you have: 1) a descriptive title 2) some sort of introduction and conclusion, and 3) an essay structure that your readers (your GSI and your classmates) can easily follow and that makes sense for the points you are making and regardless of structure, you are required to: 1) explicitly address the following question in the essay: What are your beliefs about language policy issues, and where do you think those beliefs come from? (i.e., from
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55-Fall2007-autobiography - Linguistics 55AC Fall, 2007...

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