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UGBA 10 MODULE 4 EXAM INSTRUCTOR VERSION 1. In our first lecture, we talked about the “ Status Report ” which described trends and issues regarding the current US workforce. Given what you learned in lecture, which of the following statements is TRUE ? a. Baby Busters will gradually increase the size of the workforce after 2010 when Baby Boomers begin to retire. b. There will be an 11 million person gap once Baby Busters replace Baby Boomers in the workforce. c. High school graduation rates are increasing, enabling companies to find the skilled workers they need to fill open positions. d. The increasing diversity of the workforce will make it easier for managers to manage. 2. Business strategy is formulated on the basis of … a. A SWOT analysis. b. A job analysis. c. A performance analysis d. An internal analysis. 3. Which of the following was NOT one of the 7 fundamental building blocks described in lecture? a. Mission b. Strategy c. Compensation d. Culture 4. According to lecture and the textbook, management processes are important for effective management of an organization. Which of the following includes all of the components of managerial behavior that go into effective management? a. Planning, organizing, performing and compensating. b. Planning, directing/leading, organizing, and controlling. c. Planning, overseeing, directing/leading and evaluating. d. Planning, performing, directing and evaluating. 5. According to the article, “ Turning Boomers into Boomerangs ,” will Boomers be a source of additional labor? a. No, because most of them are planning to retire at age 65. b. No, because they cost too much to retain. c. Yes, because they are afraid if they stop working, they will die. d. Yes, if companies make work flexible—when they work and how much they are paid.
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6. In class we showed a video about and talked about their history and structure. Given that discussion, which of the following statements is TRUE ? a. Ben and Jerry started their company with a well-designed and detailed structure which was the key to their success. b. Ben and Jerry were successful because they hired the right people from “Day One.” c. Structure followed strategy; the more complicated the business strategy became, the more structure was introduced into the company. d. As the company grew and became more successful, the business became simpler and easier to manage. 7. A highly specialized job would be best represented by which of the following descriptions? a. This worker in a start-up is responsible for hiring, developing company culture, accounting, and office maintenance. b. This worker slices onions and tomatoes only. c. This worker scoops ice cream, takes customers’ payment, refills ice cream case, and hangs signs advertising ice cream specials. d.
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SAMPLE_UGBA_Mod_2_Exam[1] - UGBA 10 MODULE 4 EXAM...

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