20e-midterm1-solutions - '\"r-'"-\ e5 Li" l...

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ffid a \:3 bie '\"r-'"-\ Li" l r.fu A p -1Ar i\r - 4 e,. $. -f ,nr'ot f*r- t 3 a, 'frw '-'3 I { \. **€ I Li'\ $ub {:r 4 e5 'a \* #/" t=fu + -$ f =B' f,''-t ln\ -i .{ w . ir. r ro i\" -! ry "y 4 /\ rft \,: % @ { /'" F -X i \a il J -1" q i ",h t\ J_" F_ tr, q.\a\ ctuP \ ***'? rq} \?u*P \ il a""ffiff' ti tt f\ *'i '"i q 1pr't+ *F"45 *e] w {F*{ t{,,ry}" ft AJ 'I 3>$l@' ww qs g> Lf t't x F {s}+q #\i * {q* o F\-r* 4"i ff' {s }# t.) 11 'UI fr,'r II€ roJ zfr zr M /\ u zftzr +€q+ ?tsq} ?rBJ oQ? asn A€ur no^ (o'o) <-(ft'r) uI{ uorlruuap aq+ Sutsn o^ord ',rUI l D JoJ f 'ul o? ,rM ruo4 uollcunJ € sI 'uol?sanb sH? uI (q) (n) uol+sanb paanoll€ sro?€1ntl€C | +q8tem lenba dr"rec suollsan$ pa/v\oll€ solou ol{ salnur6 0V :arull g0z qleru uOI+BIIIIIIBXg lrrralpllAT
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. \ F--Fn-t*n\ -fitrd3 {p} l"**f 4 $ tr "*.'ts *l}{#r t"} *t} {T,} t,.{,} Ll tq! e r$ t4 T 4 {'1 } *lt\ 7" u' ."/ ..p-e;,*,1 ; flry")i E/ \ f,;\ \{*/ +* L*pn1{3 .5* H"t3 t'" d) r,'L+-, a # -*-fr l! ? * T-$- "r
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2010 for the course MATH 20E taught by Professor Enright during the Spring '07 term at UCSD.

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20e-midterm1-solutions - '\&quot;r-'&quot;-\ e5 Li&quot; l...

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