20e-midterm2solutions - 3a 1"p 4 r?Ettra"Li jI l...

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Unformatted text preview: 3a 1-"p 4* r?Ettra *"Li '\ jI l'* '! a ;--3 .5 fl? -r\ t '*'lf*o +t*& 1$u 1 ['#, .J 1* & **T-. t ),., ''s|adffi ? q" L\ J *{, ^$t \ \'tlL W\4# ..r rt'l} JqL '..r,/ ,T f ;n t{'t} *-t\.J a, \** .*!rg.. r 0r X?- \ '\'d#"# i* 1 e"q ffq_- W t , ) "tV ["r -8# " al*,r' +\e+r -s t,"e" {l $r# ,,.*d.d*- ,,4* t 1 ! {* I i) -:r tf,r yq- B* # 4q" I t \ \f 1 L")"-h+-F v." B .**** .\*. c) :* {*u ,+ pq t /p t t"*j q "J- dt \J "*d '# qf-r ?* #-Q .\*1 @ *-" ?16 q;l :, (=? -,8 w ** k*{*x \)?_ *# t-r'1)A* Y''€ (r*l} tr, t r ,I" ,f^, t!.*,e;tt'lJ^f i T.r--?f?ru, t\l +* i'* ))ti'il*f + (l*l )* *: lu lod elll le w *l; 1wKny. '.roL+,-2t.*tfY l'3r-1/*^ Yl .(t ,t ,t) : (2,fi,,r) (n'r){ - z ot eue;d tueEuet eqt Jo uorlenbe eql eurureleg 'a-t- ro-z+fr,+r uorlenbe eqf r{q {;trcr;dur pouUap st (fr,'r){: z e)BJrns S '3 uorlsen$ Li t)* h_ ryp r+ \7 lJ i l\ ft_r \ tr.J ,f. L wp & ?'d 5"f l r r'-/ ,-f*i i tu WY .,rf ;t"" ? "' IJ . e, nr L{' rI b-..J "JiE **1*# r.;\ u,tor**n;b4-il + tJ! ;1qr*1l ); r L 'tr"r) fi v 1^"-/I g$t*$ f n4n elnuaTo;'?) h*Tx* :rF' $ t**\*wt{ 1iY!ry* -r\*o t:: *T? Fkl/A I 3 i r '{. {" $, -*l*. l" J!, e ' \w'J) } ) ;-r l*# *l #'" 3 5d *,ef *r''r;ais.0 * ul t#'"s} -*4* Sr #u'?S*f, .*:}t-*,?*& *suj \**fltff q*")'it * x; f %"*'n"':1 n pue r ry} *€l Ad -r_'0 {q pepunoq 'uol8a.r pepeLls eLll st O ereLlm ar r YP | zn-r*-? JJ| pu!l o1 saleu!pro-or re;od esn 't uollsen$ nr ii y'Y l\.s !J t t {}a t 1 *r Lr *, )*? xp s (d t*X a -,*^u **n '\l ) ru ".'Y JJ I l: rr li" T,J l[, t* tsJu) + t-'u p i! ff Qf' r k xr rr,, a )+s aJ II tttJ ;@*, fl tH-ry\ Li \A? o,1:) tr w? >r"" cry1n1")n*i A+V-) .}l I r 9":) ;t? _f{ I ur.f fl {*.-.- f Ir""'f l"-J I i"'f .', rpdw,s 5r ,' .,.tj4 I I i l'.;{ e ;,f I--"4 tr_ Eu rIroA r no{ **r,#ru rwer aryJ* h., rl \"r i I I :*:q \t ,r' 1'/ ir # ? .n" '*9 l \s'" lle ,!1rsn; fr,+raorr vp; ll elen le^f ra eu!l eqt ,{q tqEr.r ' eql ,{q Molaq 'I t*ro eLll uo 's!xe-fr, aqr ,{q Uel eql uo pepunoq uolEe.r eql eq O lel 'V uollsan$ ...
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This note was uploaded on 02/12/2010 for the course MATH 20E taught by Professor Enright during the Spring '07 term at UCSD.

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20e-midterm2solutions - 3a 1"p 4 r?Ettra"Li jI l...

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