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Math 20E. Vector Calculus - Fall 09 - Hans Lindblad ANNOUNCEMENTS: Meetings Texts Exams Review Practice Exams Syllabus Schedule Lecture summary Homeworks Description: Its essential in Fluid Mechanics, Electromagnetism and Geometry to take derivatives and integrate vector functions. Meetings Lectures: MWF 2-3 in HSS 2250. Lecture schedule and notes available below. Sections: Thursdays and Homework due in box on 6th floor of AP&M, solutions below. Office Hours: Instructor: Hans Lindblad: W 4-5 in Cafe Espresso: [email protected] TA: Jonathan Serencsa Tu 2-4 Th 2-4 in AP&M 5720 [email protected] TA: Chad Wildman Tu 10-11 Th 2-3 in AP&M 6442 [email protected] More help: Tutoring Lab, OASIS MW 4-6, Private Tutoring It is important that you have a look at the material before the lectures since it will help you to follow the lectures, see the schedule where you also find lecture notes. Please ask questions in lectures, since if you don't quite understand something others may not understand either, and the explanations will help everyone understand better and keep the lectures at a pace you can follow. The best way to learn math is by doing examples so try to do all the homework problems and more similar problems. Let us know if you have any complaints and suggestions for improvements. Texts Marsden and Tromba, Vector calculus, with studyguide. (Follow the link for more study material.) It can be helpful with different perspectives: Multivariable calculus texts give an easy introduction. Davis, Snider, Vector analysis used to be the text. Colley, Vector calculus is similar to the text. Shey, Div, grad, curl and all that is a popular introduction from a
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table of contents - Math 20E Vector Calculus Fall 09 Hans...

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