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Related Work ~ The Twenty-Third Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS2009) initialize for do Receive new instance Predict Receive label if then end if end for ALGORITHM: Perceptron A novel approach to online learning, which not only updates the weight of the newly added support vector, but also adjusts the weight of one existing support vector that seriously conflicts with the new support vector; Compared with a number of competing algorithms, the mistake bound can be significantly reduced by the proposed DUOL; Future work: DUOL for multi class online learning and budget online learning. Framework of Online Learning Initialize prediction function for do Receive instance Predict a label Receive the true label If then algorithm suffer a mistake if condition satisfied then Update prediction function to end if end for n t R x g f = 0 T t ,..., 2 , 1 = } 1 , 1 { )) ( ( ˆ 1 + = t t t x f sign y } 1 , 1 { + t y 1 t f t f t t y y ˆ c can be any reasonable function If , we can simply assign can be any reasonable condition, for example, g 0 )) ( ( 1 = t t x f sign 1 ˆ + = t y c t t y y ˆ Kernel function measures the similarity between the two instances x and y. R R R y x n n × : ) , ( κ Kernel Based Perceptron T t ,..., 2 , 1 = )) ( ( ˆ 1 t t t x f sign y = t t y y ˆ ) , ( ) ( ) ( 1 x x y x f x f t t t t α + = 1 , 0 0 = = weight f Limitation of Perceptron: the weights assigned to the misclassified examples(or support vectors) remain unchanged during the entire learning process. Similar with Perceptron, most online
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