3-31-08 - ▼❑Paul's Undisputed Letters▼❑1st...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-31-08▼❑Paul's Undisputed Letters▼❑1st corinthians•❑converts from the lower classes▼❑some could come early for the communal meal•❑wealthy could arrive early•❑identifies a lost letter•❑publicly humiliated▼❑2nd corinthians•❑Paul would not accept financial support from people within the community•❑people ate meat sacrificed to idol gods at a cheap price•❑compilation of letters•❑tone changed from anger to sorrow to judgement to joy•❑super apostles came to the community▼❑order•❑1) lost▼❑2) 1 cor•❑3) 2 cor 10-13•❑4) 2 cor 1-9▼❑Galacicans▼❑founded church under unique circumstances•❑fallen ill and nursed back to health by the galacians•❑salvation via jewish law▼❑issue of having to observe jewish law and convert to jeudaism (do not see pauls theology, act jewish)•❑paul said you don't have to for example become circumcised, and it was in fact bad•❑believed you are justified by faith and not by the law (torah)...
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3-31-08 - ▼❑Paul's Undisputed Letters▼❑1st...

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