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Homework 4 MAE 52 – Computer-Aided Design & Drafting Spring Quarter 2006 Due May 8, 2006 1. Create the parts shown below in SolidWorks. Include any necessary orthographic, auxiliary or section views. Show all hidden and centerlines. Then completely dimension the drawings according to ANSI conventions discussed in lecture. Note: I have included a couple of dimensions on the images below to give you a sense of scale. The remaining dimension values may be estimated (“eye-balled”) by you (e.g., for the first part, the hole diameter is about 1” when compared to the given dimensions), and so the values do not
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Unformatted text preview: need to be exact. However, do not omit any necessary dimensions! Please use paper size A (landscape) for each part. 2. Complete the assembly tutorial (Tutorial 1) given in Chapter 11 of the Solidworks book, pages “11-32” – “11-46”. I generated a copy of the tutorial from the Solidworks 2007 online book (it is the same) for those who do not have the book (available online). Please turn in an assembly drawing as will be explained in class on Thursday, April 26....
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