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homework5 - (symmetric variance of 0.002 2 Tolerancing...

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Homework 5 MAE 52 – Computer-Aided Design & Drafting 1. These are parts you created in Homework 4, Problem #1. I would like you to add tolerances as follows: Give a symmetric tolerance with a total variance of 0.01 inches. No angular tolerances are necessary for either part. Why? For the part on the left with the large hole – please indicate a surface finish with roughness produced by a honing process (use the chart on slide 18 of the Lecture 9, “average application”). Please dimension the hole such that it will provide a clearance fit for a shaft with a nominal outside diameter of 1.0 (inch) and a
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Unformatted text preview: (symmetric) variance of 0.002. 2. Tolerancing problems a. Given a pin whose diameter is 1.0000 ± .0005 inches, specify the symmetric tolerance for a hole (nominal diameter: 1.0010”) that just barely ensures a clearance fit with that pin (i.e., clearance ≥ 0.0000). b. Given the same pin, and a different hole whose nominal diameter is .9990”, specify a symmetric tolerance for the hole that ensures an interference fit with the pin (i.e., interference ≥ 0.0000)....
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