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Action Key Combination Model Views Rotate the model: horizontally or vertically Arrow keys horizontally or vertically 90 degrees Shift+Arrow keys clockwise or counterclockwise Alt+ left or right Arrow keys Pan the model Ctrl+Arrow keys Zoom in Z Zoom out z Zoom to Fit f Previous View Ctrl+Shift+Z View Orientation View Orientation menu Spacebar Front Ctrl+1 Back Ctrl+2 Left Ctrl+3 Right Ctrl+4 Top Ctrl+5 Bottom Ctrl+6 Isometric Ctrl+7 Selection filters Filter Edges e Filter Vertices v Filter Faces x Toggle Selection Filter toolbar F5 Toggle selection filters (on/off) F6 File menu items New SolidWorks document Ctrl+N Open document Ctrl+O Open From Web Folder
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Unformatted text preview: Ctrl+W Make Drawing from Part Ctrl+D Make Assembly from Part Ctrl+A Save Ctrl+S Print Ctrl+P Additional keyboard shortcuts Access online help when in a PropertyManager or dialog box F1 Rename an item in the FeatureManager design tree (this works for most items) F2 Rebuild the model Ctrl+B Force rebuild the model and rebuild all of its features Ctrl+Q Redraw the screen Ctrl+R Cycle between open SolidWorks documents Ctrl+Tab Line to arc/arc to line (sketch mode) a Undo Ctrl+z Cut Ctrl+ x Copy Ctrl+ c Paste Ctrl+ v Delete Delete Next window Ctrl+F6 Close window Ctrl+F4...
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