FBE 421 case 3

FBE 421 case 3 - 1 Marriott Corporation has four components...

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Unformatted text preview: 1) Marriott Corporation has four components to their financial strategy. These components are to manage rather than own hotel assets, invest in projects that increase shareholder value, optimize the use of debt in the capital structure, and repurchase undervalued shares. These components are consistent with the company’s growth objective of wanting to be the preferred employer, preferred provider, and the most profitable company. Being a franchise and not owning the hotel assets helps them in their expansion goals because they have less liability by not owning as many assets and being responsible for them, but still getting maximum usage out of the assets and turning them into profitable assets. Additionally, investing in projects that increase shareholder value is always a good thing. Keeping the people that financially support the company happy by keeping the value high will promote more support and help the company...
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