ISE 310 assignment 1

ISE 310 assignment 1 - Ryan Sanders Assignment 1 1/15/09 1)...

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Ryan Sanders Assignment 1 1/15/09 1) The initial stages required in making this product available to me would include the construction of this product. An item as complex as headphones often requires a lot of work for the assembly portion as well as a lot of thought and engineering involved to make the product functional. The most difficult part would be to successfully amplify the sound to where it can be heard at a variety of different volumes. I learned the basic way this is done in my physics class. This amplification can be accomplished by having a spiraled metal ring around a magnet. The vibrations of the sound cause the magnet to oscillate through the wires, which creates an induced current. This current is what allows the sound to be amplified. Having these parts would be necessary for building the headphones. In addition to this, the remaining parts to the product would have to be accumulated and would most likely be accomplished in three separate factories. It is possible that one such factory would accomplish the technical aspect and get the product to be functional, while another would create the plastic exterior. Both of these parts would then be sent to an additional factory where they are put together and stored until shipment is requested. I do not know for sure, but I can make assumptions for how each of the parts is made to create the final product. For the plastic parts that make up the exterior, I am assuming
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ISE 310 assignment 1 - Ryan Sanders Assignment 1 1/15/09 1)...

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