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ISE 310_assignment - consume less time Operations to place products directly in their final locations when received These operations focus on

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Receiving and Putaway Operations o Receiving operations – include those performed from the time the order is placed until the products are received at the inbound dock of the warehouse. Accounts for about 10% of operating costs. o Putaway operations – start with the confirmation of the location, order quantity, and product batch identification codes for the incoming items. Consists of the following operations: Operations to ensure that the entire product receipt is validated before products are prepared for their distribution. These operations usually require large staging areas and maybe significantly time consuming. Operations to allow some putaway to occur prior to receiving every item on the purchase order. These operations usually require the staging of each product by items. These operations require less storage space and tend to
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Unformatted text preview: consume less time. Operations to place products directly in their final locations when received. These operations focus on speedy movement of the product to warehouse locations, and utilization of smaller staging areas. • Order Picking – another way of saying retrieving. It is the process of selecting and retrieving specified items from a warehouse, in specified quantities, to satisfy a customer order. There are 5 levels of order picking: o Pallet picking – full pallets from storage o Layer picking – full layers of cardboard boxes or containers from pallets o Case picking – full cardboard boxes or containers from storage. o Split-case picking – packs from containers o Broken-case picking – individual items from storage....
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