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ISE 410 hw 3 - Min (Sum (25I t + 50B t + 500P t + 125abs (C...

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ISE 410 HW 3 Ryan Sanders 1. Factors altered by aggregate plan: Production levels Overhead levels Inventory levels Change of capacity Change of strategy 2. Aggregation is an important part of production planning because all the different parts will be coming together at some point and analysis has to be done in order to determine how this will be accomplished. This provides other reasons for grouping the large number of products besides just the computational ones. 3. Excel 4. It = Inventory in t Pt = Production in t Bt = Backorder in t Ct = Capacity in t
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Unformatted text preview: Min (Sum (25I t + 50B t + 500P t + 125abs (C t C t-1 )) s.t. P t = C t t I- t 1 + P t B- t 1 = D t + I t B t t B t > , 0 I t > , 0 P t > , 0 C t > t . , The initial objective function is nonlinear In order to make it linear it is necessary to make C t be the change of capacity which changes the : objective function to Min (Sum (25I t + 50B t + 500P t + 125C t )) s.t. I- t 1 + P t B- t 1 = D t + I t B t t C t > C t = P t P t-1 C t C t < C t + C t >...
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