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ISE 426 hw 4 - Ryan Sanders ISE 426 HW 4 1) The Epstein...

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Ryan Sanders ISE 426 HW 4 1) The Epstein Department of Industrial Engineering utilizes the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle in order to have one of the most effective programs in the nation in terms of how prepared their graduating students are for the outside world. I feel they have been able to implement this cycle well by analyzing what the problems are and devising a comprehensive plan to fix the problems. The faculty members modified their plan for educating their students and then implemented the new approach in order to determine if the change was in fact, what would improve the educational system in the ISE department at USC. After a few years of data with the new approach and an excess of data from the previous approach, it is naturally now time to check and see if the modifications were for the better. This is the most important step so it was smart of the faculty to have so many different approaches to critiquing the new system. They used not only student ratings of different aspects of the system, but also overall analysis of how the students are doing with the new system. These different reviews consist of Senior Exit Surveys, Course Outcome Surveys, Course Reviews, Undergraduate Program Reviews, and analysis of Student work. This yields a very comprehensive answer to how well the program is now doing and when comparing this
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ISE 426 hw 4 - Ryan Sanders ISE 426 HW 4 1) The Epstein...

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