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Limman, Jeremy Suvaroporn, Reasina Project 1 Sanders, Ryan Valdez, Vanessa Group 5 Assignment 8 Overview: We have been able to make quick and efficient progress with our project. We are done with all the work and the only thing left to be done is the analysis of our work. We were able to get all the final data for each of the six years by using excel. Now we need to interpret the information and come up with our solution. Recent Work: For the most part, we had all our research done since our last assignment so what we had to do since then is use excel to see what our data can tell us. We began by organizing all of our data into better formats that would make it easier to use the information in excel to see what total costs we would generate. We organized our demographic data to find out what the demand should be in each of the major cities we are focusing on. In addition to this, we organized our data for how much we should expect to pay to transport our material to the various locations depending on the year. In order to get the cost of warehouse rentals, we went with the average cost of the cheaper warehouses as opposed to just finding the average costs as most teams are doing. We feel this will give us more accurate results because this approach is the one we would
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ISE_310_Assign8_Team5 - Limman, Jeremy Sanders, Ryan...

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