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Clinica Romero Memorandum To: Dr. Ramsey From: Ryan Sanders Date: February 15, 2009 Subject: Proposed solutions to problems involving Clinica Romero annex building and courtyard layout. Project: Clinica Romero has asked us to come up with solutions to their cramped and confusing layout of the annex building as well as their inefficiently utilized courtyard. With the variety of majors in our group and our experience in problem solving we are confident that we will be able to come up with solutions to these problems that would also be cost effective for the company. Meeting Summary: Because of the confusing layout and inefficient utilization of the space owned by Clinica Romero, we recommend that the annex building be modified both internally and externally and the courtyard layout be changed as well. For the courtyard, the air conditioning unit should be moved closer to the street and away from the center of the courtyard. It should also be surrounded by a concrete wall to decrease the sound caused by the unit. This wall could
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