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Math 421 Prof. Bumby SEC–211 MW4 Quiz 1 January 27, 2010 Name The Laplace transform of a function of t is a function of a new variable s defined by ˇ f f.t/ g D Z 1 0 f.t/e ± st dt This definition shows that the Laplace transform is a linear operator . In describing properties of the Laplace transform, it is conventional to write F.s/ for ˇ f f.t/
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Unformatted text preview: g . . Some useful properties (in addition to linearity) are f.t/ F.s/ 1 1 s t n nŠ 1 s n C 1 e at 1 s ± a A continuous function with a given transform F.s/ is uniquely determined and denoted ˇ ± 1 f F.s/ g . ( A ) Find ˇ n .t ± 2/ 3 o . ( B ) Find ˇ ± 1 ± 3s ± 10 s 2 ± 5s ² ....
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