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Week 2 chapter 3 Community-oriented policing is the active engagement of officer within the community to reduce crime and address issues faced by the people within the community. Partnership with the community and problem solving are the main elements of community-oriented policing. Scanning, analysis, response and assessment (S.A.R.A) are the process included in problem solving. Scanning for problem within the community is the first step of the problem solving component of community oriented policing. This is followed by the analysis of the problem to see how big of a problem it is. The next step is to respond to the problem using the appropriate means and guidelines. The last step is to assess the previous steps to see how effective they were, and which stages need to be broadened or narrowed. Week 2 chapter 4 As discussed in the text, the objective of a first-line supervisor is to bring the best out of those that serve under him/her. To do this, a supervisor has to play an active role in what
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