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test 3 2007 - 1 Test #3 IPPH 362 10/24/07 Name_ Seat_ I....

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1 Test #3 IPPH 362 10/24/07 Name______________________ Seat____________________ I. Short Answers. Each answer is worth 2 points except questions 9 and 12. No partial credit. 1. Indicate if each situation is an example of: 1. inputting the drug directly to the site of action 2. inputting the drug into the general circulation ______ A. Albuterol inhaler as a bronchodilator ______ B. Albuterol oral solution as a bronchodilator 2. Indicate if the drugs in the following dosage forms will undergo hepatic first-pass metabolism (yes or no). ______ A. Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets ______ B. Doxorubicin hydrochloride intravenous solution ______ C. Morphine sulfate oral solution ______ D. Nitroglycerin topical patch ______ 3. The fastest rate of absorption occurs when an intramuscular injection is administered in the ______. 1. deltoid muscle 2. gluteus maximus muscle 3. vastus lateralis muscle ____mL 4. What volume of blood is in equilibrium with the kidneys? __ mL/min 5. What is the cardiac output of a standard man?
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2 ______ 6. A generic dosage form must prove efficacy by: 1. a stability study 2. a clinical study 3. following current good manufacturing practices 4. exhibiting the same rate and extent of absorption of the drug as the reference standard dosage form ______ 7. Examine Figure 8. Chemical equivalent lot 2 differs from the recognized standard in ______. 1. rate of absorption 2. extent of absorption 3. both rate and extent of absorption 8. Indicate if the following situations represent: 1. chemical instability 2. physical instability 3. therapeutic instability 4. toxicological instability ______ A. The concentration of ampicillin was 100 mg/ 5mL in an ampicillin suspension for which the label claim was 125 mg/5 mL. ______ B.
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test 3 2007 - 1 Test #3 IPPH 362 10/24/07 Name_ Seat_ I....

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