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test 3 2008 test - 1 Test#3 IPPH 362 Name Seat I Short...

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1 Test #3 IPPH 362 10/30/08 Name______________________ Seat____________________ I. Short Answers. Each answer is worth 2 points except as noted in question 1. No partial credit. 1. Circle the drugs that have a narrow therapeutic window. (1 point each) carbamazepine digoxin neomycin nitrofurantoin nitroglycerin oxytetracycline phenobarbital phenytoin theophylline warfarin ______ 2. The shelf life is usually the time during which at least ______% of the labeled amount of drug is present. 3. Name a drug that produces a toxic degradation product. ____________________________________________________________ 4. The statistical test used to evaluate the significance of apparent differences between blood level or urinary excretion curves is known as ____________________________________________________________ 5. It is desirable to input the drug directly to the site of action. Give two examples where this is currently being done. 1. 2.
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2 6. Briefly explain why drugs administered orally may undergo the hepatic first pass effect. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 7. The lungs act to enhance safety following intravenous administration. Name two
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test 3 2008 test - 1 Test#3 IPPH 362 Name Seat I Short...

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