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Problem Solving Methodology

Problem Solving Methodology - CHE 378 Heat and Mass...

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CHE 378: Heat and Mass Transfer Spring 2008 Problem Solving Methodology There are many possible methodologies that you might use to approach the solution of problems. As you gain experience, you should develop and refine a methodology that suits you and is appropriate for the types of problems you will face. In order to assist you in practicing a logical approach to problems, you are strongly encouraged to follow these steps in problem solving for this class. In particular, the steps marked with an asterisk indicate key steps whose successful completion will, in most cases, result in full credit on homework assignments and exams. 1. Restate the problem . In your own words, briefly state the problem, the key information given, and the quantities to be found. You should not just copy the problem statement. This step ensures that you understand the problem and objectives before you attempt to solve the problem. 2. *Draw a schematic diagram . Draw a realistic sketch of the physical system involved and label the figure with all of the relevant information.
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