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Unformatted text preview: MKT 3355 – Retailing Abbreviated Review Sheet for Exam 1 (Ch 1-5) Know the following terms and how to apply them: 1. Retail strategy 2. Mission statement 3. Corporate philosophy 4. wheel of retailing 5. retail life cycle 6. rationalized retailing 7. scrambled merchandising 8. depth of assortment 9. width of assortment 10. consistency of assortment 11. franchising and benefits thereof for franchisee and for franchisor 12. Sole proprietorship 13. corporation 14. ease of entry 15. vertical marketing system 16. integrated VMS and benefit thereof 17. leased department and benefits thereof 18. nongoods retailing 19. owned-goods retailing 20 . service retailing 21. quality from consumers’ perspective 22. value from consumers’ perspective 23. channel control 24. sales objectives and types thereof 25. retail efficiency 26. prototype stores and benefits thereof 27. types of distribution: exclusive, selective, intensive and benefits thereof 28. tying contracts 29. % sales dollar as cost and % sales dollar as markup (on the average) for the retail store activities retailers...
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MKT+3355+abbreviated+review+Exam+1+_ch+1-5_[1] - MKT 3355...

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