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MKT+3355+abbreviated+review+sheet+exam+3 (2) - MKT 3355...

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MKT 3355 – Abbreviated Review for Exam 3 1. Which of the entities in the retail chain can perform one or more of the retail channel tasks? Retailer Manufacturer or Wholesaler Specialists Consumer 2. What are the two main types of organizing a retail store that has multi-units? What are the major advantages and disadvantages of each type? 3. What are the two ways of classifications of ways of assigning (and training them) employees job responsibilities in a retail store? What are the major advantages and disadvantages of each way? What is the disadvantage of extreme specialization in job assignment? 4. What is meant by a job analysis? What is a job description? What is the relationship between a job analysis, a job description, and an advertisement to recruit a retail employee? 5. How does a weighted employment application form differ from a standard employment application form? 6. What is meant by the term hierarchy of authority? How is it demonstrated in an organizational chart? 7. What is meant by a tall (and a flat) organization? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? How do these types of organization methods it affect reporting relationships? Tall Organization: A firm that has several management levels. Fewer employees reporting to each manager Advantages o Close supervision
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Fewer employees reporting to each manager Disadvantages: o A long channel of communication o Impersonal impression given to workers o Inflexible rules Flat Organization: A firm with a large number of workers reporting to one manager Advantages: o Good communication o Quicker handling of problems o Better employee identification with a job Disadvantages: o Many people reporting to one manager 8. Describe the Mazur plan and the four functional areas of the Mazur plan. What is meant by the merchandising philosophy (vs. the buying and selling philosophy) that Mr. Mazur advocated? Mazur Plan: Divides all retail activities into four functional areas: merchandising, publicity, store management, and accounting and control. o The Buyer: The individual with complete accountability for controlling expenses and reaching profit goals within his or her department o Department Stores use a version of The Mazur Plan o Many small retailers use organizational arrangements that are a modification of the Mazur plan Four Categories of Functions: 1. Merchandising: Buying, selling, stock planning and control, planning promotional events. 2. Publicity: Window and interior displays, advertising, planning and executing promotional events, advertising research and public relations 3. Store Management : Merchandise care, customer services, buying store supplies and equipment, maintenance, operating activities, store and merchandise protection, training and compensating personnel, workroom operations 4. Accounting and Control : Credit and collections, expense budgeting and control, inventory planning and control, record keeping. 9.
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MKT+3355+abbreviated+review+sheet+exam+3 (2) - MKT 3355...

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