ch11rev - Chapter 11: Retail Organization & Retail HR...

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Chapter 11: Retail Organization:  How a firm structures and assigns tasks, policies, resources, authority,  responsibilities, and rewards so as to efficiently and effectively satisfy the needs of its target market,  employees, and management. Retail Organizations Structure and Assign: Tasks Policies Resources Authority Responsibilities Rewards 5 Steps in Setting Up an Organization: 1. Outlining Specific Tasks to be Performed in a Distribution Channel Types of Tasks: o Buying o Shipping o Receiving o Checking o Pricing o Marketing Merchandise o Research o Customer Contact and Follow-up 2. Dividing Tasks Tasks are assigned to: Retailers
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Manufacturers Wholesalers Specialists Customers 3. Grouping Tasks into Jobs Types of Jobs: Sales Personnel Cashiers Inventory Personnel Display Personnel Customer Service Personnel Management 4. Classifying Jobs Categories of Jobs: Functional: Divides jobs among areas such as sales promotion, buying and store operations Product: Divides jobs on a goods or service basis Geographic: Combination: o Usually used by large retailers and chain stores in differing areas 5. Integrating positions with an Organization Chart Displays the hierarchy of Authority o Hierarchy of Authority: Outlines the job interactions within a company by describing the reporting relationships among employees. Coordination and control are provided. Relationship among jobs
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ch11rev - Chapter 11: Retail Organization & Retail HR...

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