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Study Questions on Endocrine System Review 1. (Page 1.) How do hormones reach their target tissues? 2. (Page 3.) What is the major structural distinction between the anterior and posterior pituitary? 3. (Page 3.) Match the following anterior pituitary hormones with their functions: TSH ACTH FSH LH PROLACTIN __________ a. Stimulates sperm cell production __________ b. Stimulates lactation __________ c. Triggers secretion of adrenal cortex hormones __________ d. Primarily stimulates testosterone production by the testes __________ e. Stimulates the thyroid gland 4. (Page 3.) What are the three targets of PTH? 5. (Page 3.) What is the main ion regulated by PTH? 8. (Page 3.) Which of the hormones from the pancreas lowers blood glucose by stimulating glucose uptake by cells? 9. (Page 3.) In the pancreatic islets __________ cells secrete insulin and ________ cells secrete glucagon. 12. (Page 4.) How does atrial natriuretic peptide help regulate blood pressure? 14. (Page 4.) Which hormone of the kidney stimulates blood cell formation?
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Study Questions: Biochemistry, Secretion and Transport of Hormones 2. (Page 3.) The following are the chemical structures of hormones: 1. Amine 2. Peptide/protein 3. Steroid Place the correct number (s) in the blanks below. a.
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StudyQues_onEndoSysCD - Study Questions on Endocrine System...

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