All the Pretty Horses found poem

All the Pretty Horses found poem - Crossed the old trace...

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Karthik Patange 2/14/08 The Land’s Cowboy In the evening he saddled his horse and rode out west from the house The wind was much abated and He rode where he would always choose to ride, With the sun coppering his face and The red wind blowing out of the west. He turned south and stood Like a man come to the end of something. The boy’s name was Cole, John Grady Cole.   He rode back into the dark,
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Unformatted text preview: Crossed the old trace again and Onto the plain, homeward. The night was cold and clear. The new country shaped itself out of the darkness below And the stars swarmed around. He rode not under but among them. Crossing the plain, Against the cold and ten thousand worlds for the choosing, Singing softly in blood and longing south, Across the plains to Mexico....
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