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Karthik Patange 2/9/2008 QCC: All the Pretty Horses Pg. 3-30 Quote: “The boy who rode on slightly before him sat a horse not only as if he’s been born to it which he was but as if were he begot by malice or mischance into some queer land where horses never were he would have found them anyway.” (Chapter 1, 23) Context: John and his father are riding together in the countryside around San Angelo in early March. It is their last ride before John and his friend Rawlins decide to run away from Texas. Commentary: John Grady Cole is a sixteen-year-old man. He uses few words and contemplates on his ideas and thoughts, characteristics that define his maturity. He values experience and wisdom-for example, hid father’s World War II efforts- and the solitude and dignity of being a western cowboy. Unlike his father and mother, John Grady is more connected to the land. He does not
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Unformatted text preview: want to forsake because it no longer holds any monetary gain; he wants to keep it because he believes it is the foundation of the family. From the very beginning of the novel, McCarthy tries to make a connection between the past and the present. When John Grady rides away into the evening after his grandfather's funeral, he rides out on an old Comanche road. The ghosts of the Comanche, that John “sees” moving across the plains, are audible in the sound of the wind. These men are bound by pledges of blood, and their spirit inhabits and provides a history for the West. There is a sense that the violent past of the West has bled into the soil, the present; it is an unavoidable inheritance. John Grady’s character is founded on such a wonder for the Western past....
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