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All the Pretty Horses pg. 31-59 QCC - Although we know...

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Karthik Patange 2/11/2008 QCC: All the Pretty Horses Pg. 31-59 Quote: “Rawlins rolled a cigarette and lit it with a coal and lay back against his saddle. I’m goin to tell you something. Tell it. I could get used to this life.” (Chapter 1, 35) Context: John Grady and Rawlins head toward Mexico, while stopping occasionally to rest the horses and eat. Their journey is easygoing and conversations are terse. They live the life they've imagined belongs to cowboys: sleeping under the stars, and ruggedly migrating based on their knowledge of the land. As they ride they adapt to the situation at hand. Commentary: Lacey Rawlins is John Grady Cole's best friend and companion on the trip into Mexico.
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Unformatted text preview: Although we know little about Rawlins physical nature or his background, we know that he is tall and thin, the physical stature of a Texas cowboy. Rawlins is louder and is more expressive, than Cole, which shows another characters perspective and either stifles or instigates other courses of action for the two boys. He is also more impatient and less introspective than Cole; although less intelligent and less skilled than Cole, he is faithful (as seen when yelling at Blevins). He takes part in Cole's absolute loyalty, yet shows his own character by not following any strict moral action and lacking Coles drive to pursue his dreams....
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