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Karthik Patange 2/13/2008 QCC: All the Pretty Horses Pg. 59-96 Quote: “Rawlins fell back among the riders and alongside John Grady. Did you see that little darling? he said. John Grady didn’t answer. He was still looking down the road where she’d gone. There was nothing to see but he was looking anyway.” (Chapter 1, 94) Context: While helping to steer vaqueros’ cattle towards a ranch, Cole and Rawlins encounter a beautiful young girl on an Arabian horse (who they later learn is Rocha). She clearly has affected the two boys. The vaqueros tried hard to conceal their admiration towards her, while Rawlins is stimulated by the girl and John Grady stares fixedly down the road. Commentary: This quote builds on several of the literary techniques that overlook this novel- genre, prose style, and character development. All the Pretty Horses , having a Western genre, relies on impending conflict, and the reader can see that there might be one in regards to who can “get the
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Unformatted text preview: girl. Furthermore, at the end of the chapter, there is a feeling that something capricious and awful will happen later, preventing the characters and the readers from getting too comfortable. However, these are two reticent cowboys who speak out of climactic realization alone; neither seems to have a purpose nor a mission to search for one. McCarthy's language, from this quote and the chapter itself, gives deeper insight into what makes his prose so strong and yet so calm. Rawlinss and Coles journey to Mexico is treated as a linear narrative. McCarthy's prose continues without broken rhythm with his colorful description. Instead of simulating consciousness, this effect is to show the silence of the two cowboys who are not looking for anything in particular, but are just looking....
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