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All the Pretty Horses pg. 97-121 QCC

All the Pretty Horses pg. 97-121 QCC - Karthik Patange 1...

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Karthik Patange 2/22/2008 QCC: All the Pretty Horses Pg. 97-121 Quote: “The mesteño had stopped and sulled in the road with its forefeet spread and he sat looking after her. He’d half meant to speak but those eyes had altered the world forever in the space of a heartbeat.” (109) Context: As John Grady Cole rides one of the tamed horses, the beautiful girl, Alejandra Rocha, he had noticed earlier passes by him on her Arabian. She tilts her hat in greeting but before John has the chance to stammer a greeting, she trots away on her horse. Commentary: With his love for describing the physical landscape, Cormac McCarthy can be considered a romantic. The assertion that the physical landscape of the West has metaphysical meaning is in itself a romantic assertion. Therefore, John Grady Cole has been made a romantic as well. John
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