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Chp. 4 Journal Entry - also brings to attention an...

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Karthik Patange All the Pretty Horses: Chapter 4 Journal Entry In the beginning of the novel, it seemed that Dueña Alfonsa had bitter hatred against John Grady Cole only because of her dislike of any man having an affair with her granddaughter. However, after she talks about her past personal life, the reader is able to connect with her on a deeper level: Dueña Alfonsa only wants to protect Alejandra from any trouble because of her past experiences. She does not object to John Grady as a suitor because he is a foreigner or because he is young, but only because Alejandra desires him too much. She believes that there is “certain extravagance in the female blood” of the family that makes their choices uncertain. She
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Unformatted text preview: also brings to attention an important theme that is part of John Grady’s story: the responsibility for a decision can only be relegated to human decisions that seem distant from their consequences. This theme provides for the misconstrued situations that John Grady experienced, the continuous desire for John Grady to be with Alejandra, and his empty reasoning to feel an animosity towards Dueña Alfonsa. Overall, the reader is presented with, and is able to accept, a new perspective that Cormac McCarthy has to offer on Dueña Alfonsa with the use of her past experience and her more apparent intentions....
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