Bloom's Taxonomy with Heart of Darkness

Bloom's Taxonomy with Heart of Darkness - What evidence is...

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Karthik Patange AP English Literature Model Questions Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy Knowledge: Define the ways metacognition can influence one’s judgement. Comprehension: Explain how having two competing heroes can change the outcome of a situation (Explain why Heart of Darkness has two competing heroes: Kurtz and Marlow). Application: What other possible reasons are there for darkness? Does its representation stay constant or does it change? Analysis:
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Unformatted text preview: What evidence is there to show why Marlow uses vague phrases, such as “unspeakable secrets and inconceivable mysteries, at particular times, but uses powerful imagery and considerable eloquence at other times? Synthesis: What are the relationships of one’s environment to one’s mental state? Evaluation: What is the author’s purpose in having Marlow be the speaker of the story, besides reflecting on his past experience?...
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