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Heart of Darkness 15 to 31 response

Heart of Darkness 15 to 31 response - description of Marlow...

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Karthik Patange August 29, 2007 Heart of Darkness: Pages 65-80 The story starts out with five men on a ship called the Nellie on the mouth of the Thames River. As the men wait for a tidal ebb, the narrator, one of the five men, introduces the other four characters: the Director of Companies, the Lawyer, the Accountant, and Marlow. The ship is anchored as the sun sets and the author describes the natural environment as limitless (“the sea and the sky were welded together without a joint,” “ran out to sea,” “vanishing flatness”) as the men talk of the “bond of the sea.” This boundless setting seems to relate to the narrator’s
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Unformatted text preview: description of Marlow, the protagonist, as a wander. On the quiet boat, Marlow shares how the ship was anchored in “in one of the darkest places on earth,” as the Romans thought of the area as a savage wilderness. He describes his experiences as a “fresh-water sailor” and how he captained a steamship of the Belgian Company on a snake-like river in Africa to land soldiers. The quotes when Marlow speaks show a limited perspective on Marlow’s thoughts and sensations....
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