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Karthik Patange Letter to Meursault Dear Meursault, Why do you not welcome my presence? You have constantly refused to see me. You are in a bounded, physical environment, in jail, waiting for the inevitable death. It concerns me that you refuse to believe in God. Many condemned men that I knew eventually turned to God for comfort. Although you acted rather violently on the day I was in your cell, I am still concerned for you. Your attitude arises due to extreme despair and you say that you are not desperate, but afraid. If you are afraid then think about the divine entity for the rest of your life. Do not become enveloped into your stubborn atheism, seek help from God. If you can accept
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Unformatted text preview: God’s existence, then you can free yourself from the burden of a sin. Human justice is nothing, divine justice is everything. It surprises me that you do not know what a sin is. Why do you not view your impending death with hope and despair? Do you really love the earth for all that it is? Your heart has become blind throughout your life, so I will pray for you, despite your negligence. There is no difference between dying soon by execution and dying decades later of a natural cause. The question is: how will you face such a terrifying ordeal? I will pray for you, Meursault, I will pray for you. Sincerely, The Chaplain...
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