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The Stranger Chapter 1 to 3 response

The Stranger Chapter 1 to 3 response - aloof and cool to...

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Karthik Patange September 23, 2007 The Stranger Chapter 1 to 3 Response From his mother’s death to his neighbor’s personal issues, Meursault reveals himself as a character that is indifferent to emotion and social interaction. When Meursault receives the telegram regarding his mother’s death, he pays attention to figuring out which day his mother died rather than showing sorrow. Overall, Meursault appears heartless for failing to express grief or even to care about his mother’s death. Furthermore, he does not see his mother’s death as part of a larger structure of human existence, since he easily makes a date with Marie Cardona the day after his mother’s funeral. When he becomes a part of his neighbor’s personal matters, Meursault seems
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Unformatted text preview: aloof and cool to the conversation. Although he agrees to write a letter to Raymond’s mistress, there is no internal desire for him to make a social connection. Meursault also takes a particular interest in the surrounding environment. Before the funeral, he enjoys the weather and the scenery, despite the sad occasion; he finds the hot weather unbearable instead of his mother’s death. His sentences are concise and understated when he describes social and emotional situations. He tells only the essentials of what he sees or does, but, when describing the effects of the heat during the funeral procession, for example, he uses personification and other literary devices....
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