Analysis of Directorial Decisions

Analysis of Directorial Decisions - Karthik Patange...

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Karthik Patange Analysis of Directorial Decisions Ethan Hawke’s, Mel Gibson’s, and Brannagh’s versions of Hamlet are different in their directorial elements. The sound and language differ in each version as well as other aspects, such as the physical layout of each film and the camera placement. Therefore, Hamlet‘s “To be or not to be” soliloquy varies in each version of Hamlet. Ethan Hawke’s version of Hamlet presents the original Shakespearean play in a modern style. The film provides a tragic and slow song during Hamlet’s soliloquy, showing the introspective thought of Hamlet and the modern-day impatience to take action with one’s ideas. For example, as Hamlet walks in Blockbuster, looking at the videos, it seems to the audience that in addition to being introspective about his mental state; he also, impatiently, wants to do something about his depressed matters, for fear of doing nothing. The physical element shows this need for action by having Hamlet walk down the “action” aisle in Blockbuster. The language element,
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Analysis of Directorial Decisions - Karthik Patange...

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