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Karthik Patange Hamlet Movie Preference I prefer Branagh’s adaptation of Hamlet (1996) over Olivier’s adaptation of Hamlet (1984). First of all, although it is unfair to choose based on color, Branagh’s adaptation is more powerfully expressed with his use of a color camera. Also, the characters’ language carried a more terrified and cowardly tone unlike Olivier’s adaptation, which places more attention on the character’s physical attire (class status). The close-up shots in Branagh’s Hamlet truly show the reactions and facial expressions of the actors; there is only a trifle of these types of shots in Olivier’s version of the film, which makes the audience fail to notice the expressions of the characters. Branagh makes his scenes better than that of Olivier by making his adaptation a bold
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Unformatted text preview: spectacle: big, loud, and colorful. Branagh adds more frightening, odd, and off-balanced cinematic pleasure through his use of camera shots. The physical layout of the scene is well shown through his use of camera shots which reveal the setting of the movie. Along with choosing 18th century England as the backdrop of the movie, Branagh makes his scenes more vivid with props. The props show, not just tell, what is about to happen or what is transpiring. The change in the time period shows how the film’s theme is universal and will always be a part of time. Furthermore, by recreating the scenes word for word, Branagh preserves Shakespeare’s original work....
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