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Hamlet Parody - Person The governors meeting is about to...

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Person: The governor’s meeting is about to start again! Come on, governor! Arnold Scharwarzenegger: I’ll be back. Hasta La Vista, baby. God! I have just realized that being a star doesn’t give you political fame. How this term as governor does go against me, And spur my speeches with my exuberant accent; I am unable to appease The ferocious crowd of Californians. What kind of governor am I If my chief duty is to say lines from movies and Try to destroy California’s health care? I am nothing more Than what I was: the Terminator. Sure, God that made me with such great thought, Looking at past governors and future governors like me, gave me not That dual goal to be a great actor and a great governor To have in me unused. I only used what traits God gave me to live-my muscles And my amazing good looks- to win over Gray Davis. Now whether its Being a “Governator” or maybe my contemplation on raising taxes By at least $18 billion has made me too stupid to think about the middle-class people,
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