Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 6-10 QCC

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Karthik Patange Their Eyes Were Watching God: Chapter 6-10 QCC Quote: “She was full of pity for the first time in years. Jody had been hard on her and others, but life had mishandled him too. Poor Joe! Maybe if she had known some other way to try, she might have made his face different.” Context: After the doctor explains that Jody’s kidneys have stopped working and that he will die soon, Janie begins to pity Jody and wants to see him one last time; their conversation quickly deteriorates into an argument. Janie says that he never let her express her emotions. Jody breaks down and begs Janie not to tell him such things. She berates him, accusing him of egotism. She adds that he was always trying to change her and was never satisfied with who she really was. She sees that he is struggling with death and is filled with pity. After Jody dies, Janie thinks about how much both of them had not known about each other. Commentary:
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